01 February 2024 •  Report #

XII Standard Farewell Mass


Don Bosco Feast and Farewell Mass held at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim
Tr. Mitchel S. Cota.
The feast of Don Bosco and farewell of the std XII students held on 31st January,2024 at the Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim, was marked by the theme, ‘ Cut Out For… A Big Mission…’. The theme inspired by Don Bosco's teachings made the congregation to embrace their potential to achieve a big mission that is greatness in each one's lives.
A meaningful homily was delivered by our Principal Fr. Tamatur Cardozo, motivating students to achieve great heights. The story highlighting the challenges of Don Bosco inspired our students to dream big, to stand strong while encountering the numerous storms in their lives; they received insights and were directed towards building good relations, making the right choices in their careers and were motivated to complete a big mission set before them. The homily stirred in the minds of the students, to give back to society what they received.

The prayers of the faithful during the Mass were centered around the journey of students becoming achievers. Each prayer of the faithful had a symbolical representation and was well supported by the quotes of Don Bosco, encouraging the attendees to approach life’s difficulties and with determination in order to be successful.

The Mass reminded everyone, of their capabilities to excel through Faith in God and sheer dedication. The choir assisted the liturgical celebration with their melodious voices. The choir members were trained by Sir Asher, a teacher from the school section. The Mass was animated by Tr. Mitchel & Tr. Bianca.


Ms. Sharon Mitchel Cota


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