21 November 2023 •  Report #Career

Financial Literacy Club, session on Stock Market Trading


Financial Literacy Club,Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim held session on Stock Market Trading

- Ms Aloma Lobo

Master Brian Fernandes( XII Science A), a fellow member of the Financial Literacy Club of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School conducted a session on stock market trading which was held online through Google meet at 6.00 pm on November 4, 2023.

The aim of the session was to motivate and inspire students to explore the fundamentals of trading and understand the route to navigate through the complex world of the stock market. His journey in the stock market provided valuable insights.

Master Brian, mentioned ‘ It is crucial for our generation, the future builders, to understand how money should be managed, rather than solely relying on brokers.’ He highlighted the significance of making informed financial decisions and managing assets wisely.

He explained the idea of traders and investors as 'Traders focus on short-term strategies and market fluctuations, while investors take a long-term approach, focusing on the potential of their investments over time'. He also stressed ‘ it is important to emphasize the need to prioritize learning over the pursuit of quick financial gains'.

Students understood the importance of continuously educating oneself about the financial markets. They learnt the basics of - Setting clear financial goals, creating a trading plan, practicing risk management. The session ended at 7.00 p.m. with a question answer round.

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Ms. Aloma Lobo


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