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Capacity building workshop


Capacity building workshop held at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim
Astride Furtado

A capacity building workshop for the staff of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim, by Mrs. Linda Santos Braganza, a reputed Counsellor having a specialisation in Family therapy and currently based at Nirmala Institute of Education, Althino was conducted on August 3, 2023. The workshop was divided into two sessions: "Challenges in the Classroom" and "Experiential Learning for Teachers."

During these sessions, Mrs Braganza touched on the Iceberg concept, explaining the underlying reasons for overt negative behaviour in the classroom, such as revenge, power, inadequacy etc. Students' escape routes to avoid stress were discussed and causes for negative behaviour were explored, including eroding values, money matters, multitasking, absence of quality time, and broken relationships.

Emphasis was laid on the significance of teachers in making a difference in student lives and various ways to do so were suggested, such as effective communication, setting goals, adopting a proactive approach, being alert to symptoms, problem-solving skills, understanding students' worlds, and encouraging critical thinking.
Mrs Braganza pointedly highlighted the difference between sensibility and sensitivity and emphasised the importance of not promoting negative behaviour by permitting it. Creating a toxic versus nurturing environment was addressed, cautioning against education without values.

In the experiential learning session, the effectiveness of communication in achieving desired results was demonstrated through an activity of paper origami. Professional burnout due to factors viz. overwork, syllabus overload, paperwork, disinterested parents, and indiscipline were touched upon.

The workshop also emphasized that teachers need to embed essential skills like communication, observation, and empathy. They should act as inhibitors, coaches, and trainers. An activity at the end encouraged teacher introspection.

Overall, the workshop provided valuable insights and strategies for teachers to enhance their teaching approach and create a positive and nurturing learning environment for their students.

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