27 February 2023 •  Report #Health

Talk on Substance Abuse


Talk on Substance Abuse
A talk on Substance Abuse was delivered by Fr. Edison Fernandes, sdbfor the students of Standard 11 on 27th February, 2023 in the Bicentenary hall of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim.

Fr. Edison spoke on the different types of addictions. Highlighting more on Alcohol and drug addiction, Father explained the addiction cycle, the signs and effects of addiction and the withdrawal symptoms by way of power point presentation and examples.

The session served the purpose of creating awareness about Substance Abuse and what one can do to overcome it. Fr. Edison answered questions at the end of the session and gave simple tips to say ‘No’ to substances.
Overall, the talk was an enlightening one, which provided a new hope to make a new beginning.


Ms. Astride Furtado


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