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Inspiring Faith Through the Life of St. Joseph Vaz: A Quiz Journey’


Inspiring Faith Through the Life of St. Joseph Vaz: A Quiz Journey’
Mitchel S. Cota

In a celebration of knowledge and faith, some students of the Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim gathered on January 15, 2024, for a quiz that delved into the extraordinary life of St. Joseph Vaz, patron saint of the Archdiocese of Goa.

The quiz, a mix of various formats, tested not only their knowledge but also their ability to connect with the spiritual legacy of St. Joseph Vaz.The written quiz, comprising sections like filling in the blanks, a number hunt, short questions, and quotes. The quiz also had a special segment dedicated to the explanation of one of the miracles attributed to St. Joseph Vaz.
The diverse sections ensured a comprehensive exploration of St. Joseph Vaz's life, encouraging participants to delve into different aspects of his profound journey. Participants found the quiz both challenging and enjoyable, providing a unique opportunity to not only test their knowledge but also deepen their connection with the saint's inspiring story. The participants eagerly embraced the challenge.The competition became not only a test of intellectual acumen but also a profound exploration of faith. The quiz was conducted under the guidance of teacher Mitchel S. Cota and 17 students participated in the same.



Ms. Sharon Mitchel Cota


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