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“A Vibrant Exploration of St. Don Bosco's Legacy” Quiz


Quiz- “A Vibrant Exploration of St. Don Bosco's Legacy” conducted at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim
Ms Mitchel S. Cota

On the day of January 25, 2024, an enlightening quiz was conducted at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim to celebrate the life and teachings of the revered saint, Don Bosco. The participants eagerly gathered to immerse themselves in the world of this extraordinary educator, mentor, guide. and most of all ‘the friend of the youth’. Our Principal, Fr. Tamatur Cardozo, wholeheartedly supported and encouraged students to participate in the quiz, emphasizing the importance of their spiritual growth.

The quiz started with "Complete the Quotes Round”, wherein the participants were challenged to finish famous quotes attributed to St. Don Bosco. The round not only tested their knowledge but also served as a reminder of the timeless words that have inspired countless individuals.

The "Number Hunt Round” added an element of mystery. Participants embarked on a quest to discover significant numbers associated with Don Bosco's life. The round proved to be delightful due to historical exploration.

The heartbeat of any quiz, is the "Question-Answer Round" The participants showcased their in-depth understanding of Don Bosco's life, responding to a diverse array of questions that spanned his childhood, educational philosophy, and humanitarian efforts as a priest.

“Complete the Hymns Round”- Participants were tasked with completion of the missing lyrics of hymns associated with St. Don Bosco. This round highlighted the rich musical traditions associated with the saint.

‘Dream - a- Dream Round’-This round invited them to envision their dreams inspired by Don Bosco's teachings. This round encouraged participants to connect on a personal level with the saint's visionary ideals. The dreams ranged from educational aspirations to community service initiatives, reflecting the enduring impact of Don Bosco's dreams on modern society.

Participants were not merely asked to recall facts but were invited to articulate their dreams, aligning them with the grand motto of this academic year: ’Big Vision… for a Big Mission…’. This innovative twist turned the spotlight on the personal connection each participant felt with the school's motto.

In conclusion, the quiz not only served as a tribute to a remarkable Saint but also sparked a renewed commitment to embody the spirit of Don Bosco in their own lives. Two winners emerged victorious in the competition.
The teacher in charge for the quiz was Mitchel S. Cota.
All-in-all, it was a learning and a challenging experience for the students.


Ms. Sharon Mitchel Cota


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