21 December 2023 •  Report #Annual Program

‘Time Spent ' On Social Media And Mobile:- Survey


Research Club Conducts Survey On ‘Time Spent By Higher Secondary Students On Social Media And Mobile
-Yeshwant Gaunkar

The Research Club conducted a survey to investigate the time spent by higher secondary students on social media and mobile devices. The survey, consisting of 45 questions across ten domains, was administered through Google Forms, with approximately 400 students from standard eleven and twelve participating. The collected data was meticulously analyzed by Research Club members, covering various aspects such as general habits, academic impact, discipline, values, relationships, talents, sports, physical and mental health, culture, ethics, influence, peer pressure, career aspirations, financial aspects, and time management. The analysis revealed that, on average, higher secondary students spend 3 to 4 hours on mobile devices for non-academic purposes. The presentation of findings took place on November 29th, where members
Sahiba (XII SC B), Ketanisco ( XIISC A), and Prachi ( XI SC A) presented a detailed analysis of the survey to their peers.

The objective of the Research Club's survey was to understand the impact of mobile usage on students' academic, physical, and mental well-being. On December 5th, the Research Club displayed charts to create awareness about mobile addiction and communicated steps to mitigate excessive usage. This initiative was crucial in disseminating information and engaging students in discussions on responsible mobile use.The awareness generated through the survey findings and subsequent initiatives has prompted students to reevaluate and optimize their use of mobile devices. As a result, students are becoming more conscious of the time they spend on non-academic activities on their phones.


Mr. Yeshwant Gaunkar


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