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A Workshop On ‘Science, Religion And Ecospirituality’


Don Bosco Eco Club Organizes A Workshop On ‘Science, Religion And Ecospirituality’
Tr. Jenifer Godinho

The Eco Club of the Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim organized an educational workshop for the students of the XI and XII , on the topic of ‘Science, Religion and Ecospirituality’, conducted by Dr. Manoj R. Borkar, an associate professor and the head of Zoology Department at Carmel College, Nuvem, Goa. The programme was conducted on September 27, 2023 on Google Meet.
The objective of the workshop was to educate students on fascinating interactions between science, religion and spirituality, all being domains that have often been viewed as separate and contradictory. The workshop was attended by Principal Rev. Fr. Tamatur, teachers and students of the Don Bosco Higher Secondary School. Dr. Manoj delved into the fascinating interactions between religion and science, and how they come together to inform our understanding of the world. He highlighted how the systematic theories of science and the diverse dogmas of theology play a fundamental role in fostering a strong holistic connection between our spiritual beliefs and the natural world. To quote the speaker, “Religion and Science permeates all through our lives. It is impossible for one to say they have no associations with either of these domains”. Dr. Manoj also spoke on how “Eco Spirituality is an experience that allows us to reconnect with the cosmic forces” and focused on the vitality of constantly strengthening this connection.
The workshop was able to provide a lasting impact on all the attendees, with the key takeaway from the session being that it is pivotal for today’s youth to “strike a balance between their materialistic aspirations and their ethical obligations” in order to develop a newfound level of awareness with oneself.
Dr Manoj also encouraged the current generation of leaders to be grounded in science, guided by spirituality and committed to environmental stewardship.

The programme was anchored by Mast. Maegan Afonso of XII Science A and Ms. Michelle Mascarenhas of XII Science B, leaders of the Eco Club. Tr. Jenifer Godinho coordinated the event.


Ms. Jenifer Godinho


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