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LIVE WIRE ‘Unveiling Visions Fulfilling Missions'


' Live Wire 2023 ' Held at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim
-Ms Astride Furtado

' Live Wire 2023 ' with the theme ‘Unveiling Visions Fulfilling Missions' was held at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim from 13th to 16th September, 2023. Numerous off stage events were held with the objective of providing students a platform to showcase their talent in Science, Computers, Music, Art and the Literary arena. It was observed that students actively participated in these on-site and offsite competitions by designing software solutions, assembling computers, making models, crafting pieces of art and exploring their music and literary talent to the fullest.

The event also featured, CAREER KALEIDOSCOPE on 16th, an onstage, in depth distinguished career showcase, Featuring 10 diverse career areas allotted to the 10 classes. Each class act comprised 7 components.
● A vibrant Career based Parade Presentation:
● Powerpoint presentation focused on extensive display of career opportunities.
● Monologue/ Dialogue to create career awareness.
● Career based-Mime, an artistic expression to convey inspiration
● Role Play focused on the value based career
● Band performance a musical exploration of career
● Dance an entertaining career exploration.

The onstage ‘Career Kaleidoscope’ event facilitated extensive research in diverse career fields of Arts, Commerce and Science. It was observed that each class thoroughly researched and reviewed available resources in their allotted career field. Students confidently and creatively presented their research work enabling the audience to understand the role of different professions and have an idea of the opportunities in different industries. The class act also provided relevant resources and information corresponding to the careers that students are considering to understand. The event was judged by Ms Jane Lobo, Ms Viveka De Melo e Granjo and Mr Samuel Fernandes.

In his address, Chief guest, Shri Bosco George, IPS (retd.), said to the students, "Fearlessly explore and investigate diverse career roles. Developing strong social skills is essential for your personal and professional growth. You should actively engage in society and become leaders who drive positive change."

XI Arts were declared Winners and XII Science B walked away with the Runners up trophy. XII Arts secured Third place. The event was organized by Ms Astride Furtado, Ms Aditi Naik and Ms Bianca Fernandes

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Ms. Astride Furtado


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