16 February 2023 •  Report #Cultural

‘MediaScope 7.0’


Students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary Panjim, attend ‘MediaScope 7.0’
Ms Astride Furtado

‘MediaScope 7.0’, an Inter-Higher Secondary School Media Competition conceptualized and organized by Departments of Mass Communication and Journalism of St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa was held on January 25, 2023.

Aimed at providing a chance for higher secondary students to experience a glimpse of what it’s like to work and innovate in a media-like setting, the event consisted of various fun group on-stage and off-stage competitions viz. Amazing Race, Hola Amigos, Mad Ad, Rangoli Fusion, Dance, Photography, Quiz, and Wordsmith.

A team of 15 students representing Don Bosco Higher SecondarySchool, Panjim, participated in this enriching event that enkindled a healthy competitive spirit among the many teams and provided the students an exposure to the intriguing and diverse world of media. Tr. Astride Furtado &
Tr. Liza D’Souza guided and accompanied the team.

Mast Chinmaya Damodlekar and Ms Rashmi Pokhare won First Place in the ‘Quiz Competition’ .

The following students won Second Place in the ‘Mad Ad Competition’:
Ms Kritika Pai
Ms Rashmi Pokhare
Ms Riva Vaz
Mast Sam Afonso
Mast Chinmaya Damodlekar


Ms. Astride Furtado


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